Ethan Fowler: Style Matters

September 12, 2014

Undeniably classic style from our legendary team rider Ethan Fowler, who’s been putting out gems like this for over 20 years. A smooth frontside 5-0 round about midnight and a lofty frontside Ollie at a ramp somewhere in Portland.

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    Zach Lyons in Mexico City

    September 12, 2014

    Another interesting, exotic trip from the green minded Coalatree Organics guys. This time they lead an expedition to Mexico City. Skateboarding is one of the most universal things in the world. Depending on who’s doing the skating, you can go anywhere and find unique spots. Our man Zach Lyons takes the initiative and rips some rugged Mexico City spots with his Coalatree constituents.

      Kevin Coakley’s Decks At The Boardr!

      September 12, 2014

      Our man Kevin Coakey was recently blessed to turn pro for Traffic Skateboards and Permanent stockist The Boardr in Tampa, Florida posted a video of Kevin’s first pro models as well as some of Florida’s finest new pros.

        Original Ethan fowler

        September 12, 2014

        Just a friendly reminder from the archives of great, tasteful skateboarding on how style is done, with visual evidence by the legendary Ethan Fowler.


          Zach Lyons in Puerto Rico

          September 12, 2014

          Zach Lyons has been busy lately going on some exotic and interesting skate trips with his clothing sponsor Coalatree Organics. Here he joins the rest of the team on the Isla De Encanta, Puero Rico.

            Brian Lotti’s Artistic Process

            September 12, 2014

            When Brian Lotti isn’t skating he’s utilizing his skills as a classically trained painter. Permanent stockist Atlas Skate Shop in San Mateo, California recently cultivated a series of boards with Brian’s art on the business end of them; enjoy this video of the process!

              Paul Shier and Daniel Castillo

              September 12, 2014

              Our man Paul Shier skated some spots with Daniel Castillo in his neighborhood of LA in this Off The Grid from the fine folks at The Berrics! Paul and Dan string some slick lines together to a jazzy tune and they make a dynamic, intercontinental duo in this one.

                Kevin Coakley is pro!

                August 25, 2014

                Longtime Broadcast rider Kevin Coakley has turned pro for Traffic skateboards and released this proper full length part on the Thrasher site to commemorate the occasion. So happy for ya, Kevin!

                  Kevin Coakley in stone soup

                  August 12, 2014

                  Orchard Skate Shop in Boston has been holding their scene down for years now, and just blessed us with their second video, Stone Soup, and even uploaded it to the Thrasher website for us! Our guy Kevin Coakley has a nice section in it too, so enjoy below!

                    Zach Lyons in belly of the beast

                    April 12, 2014

                    Zach Lyons and his boy Zach Dykes shralp some rugged northeast spots in a creative style set to one of the most rugged and raw Wu bangers ever recorded by the man, the GZA, in this local Washington, D.C. Part. Bring out the gimp.